Choosing a Shuffleboard Table Size, What Length Is Right For You?

When choosing a Shuffleboard Table size, there are many different lengths to available. Let’s explore all the options when buying a Shuffleboard Table. We know regulation size is 22 feet, but that may not be the perfect size for everyone. Let’s start by breaking down all the Shuffleboard Table dimensions available at The Shuffleboard Federation. 

Choosing a Shuffleboard Table Size: Break Out the Measuring Tape

  • Room Size: Whether you’re in a home, office, restaurant, bar, or other commercial space, the room size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a Shuffleboard Table. Is there enough room for the table to fit? Can players move around comfortably? How does the table affect the surrounding furniture? Think about all these questions carefully. 
  • Playing Space: Once you have determined that the Shuffleboard Table can safely be carried and assembled in the room of your choosing, your final goal is to ensure that there is enough playing space. Generally, you need to keep at least two to three feet of distance at each end of the table. This gives players enough room to stand and comfortably shoot their weights/pucks.

Setting it Up

Bringing a new Shuffleboard Table into your home or workplace is exciting, but it needs to be set up correctly for everyone to enjoy. We offer nationwide White Glove Installation Service, but if you’re a do-it-yourself type, follow our quick guide below. 

Three Tips For Setting Up Your Shuffleboard Table
Three Tips For Setting Up Your Shuffleboard Table

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Author: Shuffleboard Federation

The Shuffleboard Federation is owned and operated by John McDermott, whose involvement in shuffleboard dates back to 1976. His background includes many years of league and tournament administration and he has, for the past 32 years, played professionally and been rated as one of the top ten players in the sport. He has developed dozens of products for the shuffleboard industry and his product knowledge in terms of both shuffleboard tables and accessory products is unsurpassed. He is also the tournament director of the most prestigious shuffleboard tournament in the world, the North American Shuffleboard Championships, a position he has held since he founding the tournament in 1990. This vast wealth of experience has proved invaluable in helping thousands of people to purchase the right Shuffleboard Table for their lifestyle and budget. In 2004, John's many accomplishments were officially recognized as he was inducted into the Table Shuffleboard Hall of Fame as both a player and promoter of the game.

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