Key Considerations When Choosing a Shuffleboard Table

Once you’ve been exposed to Table Shuffleboard, whether you played for the first time at a friend’s house, a community clubhouse, or neighborhood tavern, it’s only natural to want more of this incredible game in your life.

It’s only natural to crave your very own Shuffleboard Table. 

As the go-to source for all things Table Shuffleboard, we know that not all Shuffleboard Tables are created equal, and we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Find the best table for your space and your budget by taking into account all of the following important factors.


Shuffleboard Tables come in a wide variety of sizes, from 9 feet to 22 feet long (professional size), and choosing the right one for you obviously requires measuring the amount of space you have in your home, office, tavern, or arcade. The size of the Shuffleboard Table itself is only part of the equation; you should allow for at least three feet on either end of the table to be able to play the game comfortably.


There’s no skimping when it comes to your Shuffleboard Table’s surface. You want both style and substance, and durability is just as important as smoothness and shine. Stay away from anything synthetic and make sure you go with a Shuffleboard Table that’s built to last with high-quality hardwood.

Here are some types of wood commonly used to make the top-rated Shuffleboard Tables.

  • Maple (by far the best material for the playing surface)
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Mahogany

It’s also important to note that when it comes to quality, there’s an enormous difference between the craftsmanship you see in American-made Shuffleboard Tables and overseas imports. That’s why, here at The Shuffleboard Federation, we only stock products that were made in the USA! 


It almost goes without saying: Nothing affects the quality of your game as dramatically as the condition of the playing surface. Your Shuffleboard Table should be three inches thick and coated with a strong, durable polymer finish. A polymer finish makes the surface smooth enough for pucks to slide freely but also protects the Shuffleboard Table from dings, dents, scratches — or even spilled drinks. Modern polymer finishes last significantly longer than the lacquers that were used to coat Shuffleboard Tables in decades past.


Speaking of accidents, you never want to invest in a beautifully made Shuffleboard Table without stocking up on essential maintenance supplies. A “starter kit” for a new Shuffleboard Table owner should include a table cover, wax for the playing surface, as well as cleaner, polish, and silicone spray to keep your Shuffleboard Table looking and performing its best. 

Next Steps

Now that you know exactly what to look for in your new Shuffleboard Table, it’s time to go shopping. But where

We’re kidding, of course! You already happen to be visiting a one-stop-shop for the best Shuffleboard Tables for sale online. The Shuffleboard Federation carries the industry’s leading brands — for both Shuffleboard Tables and all essential accessories — and has catered to the game’s most talented players in this country and abroad, since 1987. We feel so strongly that you’ll love shopping here that we put together a graphic illustration to illustrate what makes us so special.

We know you’re excited to begin browsing for the perfect new Shuffleboard Table, so we’ll let you get to it. If you have any questions about our custom-made Shuffleboard Tables or need information about any of our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

Author: Shuffleboard Federation

The Shuffleboard Federation is owned and operated by John McDermott, whose involvement in shuffleboard dates back to 1976. His background includes many years of league and tournament administration and he has, for the past 32 years, played professionally and been rated as one of the top ten players in the sport. He has developed dozens of products for the shuffleboard industry and his product knowledge in terms of both shuffleboard tables and accessory products is unsurpassed. He is also the tournament director of the most prestigious shuffleboard tournament in the world, the North American Shuffleboard Championships, a position he has held since he founding the tournament in 1990. This vast wealth of experience has proved invaluable in helping thousands of people to purchase the right Shuffleboard Table for their lifestyle and budget. In 2004, John's many accomplishments were officially recognized as he was inducted into the Table Shuffleboard Hall of Fame as both a player and promoter of the game.

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